Recently Added Videos

Adding Transitions between your slides in PowerPoint can add a certain visual appeal to your presentations on your video.

This short video shows you the options that are available in PowerPoint and how to add timings etc to your slide.

A word of warning – I do a lot of live PowerPoint presentations around the world and these transitions need to be subtle and not distracting from your content.  You do not want your audience to just remember how cool your transitions where and forget your content – or for them to forget what you were saying between sides.  You should also always use the same transition for each slide in a PowerPoint presentation.

Have fun

In this video you will learn a great technique for removing unwanted sounds from a video soundtrack using Camtasia.

I use Camtasia a lot and learnt a new trick from this video, namely that you can unlock the video and audio.  This allows you to remove the section of the audio without having to cut or split the video

Neat Trick – hope you enjoy this Camtasia video.

In this video you will learn how to create a really cool star effect and add them into a great title sequence for your videos.

First you will learn a great way to create a spinning star on a slide, then add motion effects to bring in the directional element within you title sequence.

The very start of the video gives you some ideas on how to use this effect to review your text in your video title sequence.

This is a really cool video that shows how to take a standard photos and with just a couple of simple tricks can really make them stand out – in fact not just stand out but make parts of the picture come out of the screen.


This video is a great place to start for anyone who needs to get to grips with the basic methods of animating text in PowerPoint.   It goes through the process of each style of animation one by one and shows you how you can apply and use each one.   If you can already do this in PowerPoint then this video is probably a little basic and you may want to skip it and move on to the more advanced PowerPoint videos on the site

This great video gives you more information on how to use YouTube and all the things you need to be doing for YouTube to feature one of your videos.   Many people will label this a black art but it really is as simple as laid out in this video …..


…. or is it.  Only YouTube knows.



This clean video clearly shows how to set up a three point lighting system.  It explains the best distance to place the lights and why you need three lights instead of just the one Key light when making head shot videos.

Andy Jenkins knows his stuff and when he makes a new video we watch and review it straight away.  Find out why with the great video on how you need to structure your videos to sell information products better.  Another classic by Andy Jenkins.

This video will give you some great ideas on how to combine simple PowerPoint animation techniques together to give you some pretty cool animation sequences.  If you thought you needed expensive software to do this cool stuff then think again …